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Pivot forward

by Chad Weber

Production assistant: Ian Fleming

Exploring the mindset of a small business owner that instead of scaling back in the midst of uncertainty and struggle - pushes forward.

Notes from the filmmaker

I didn't know much about Rachel before meeting her. I just saw a small business owner passionate about what they do. Sometimes that's enough to reach out and start a conversation. 

For me documentary filmmaking is a journey of curiosity. Trying to understand people and what forces have shaped them. How they see the world. What life experiences affect their outlook.

By sharing these perspectives through films - we can all help each other. We can take the best of other people and incorporate them into our lives - to become our best selves. We all have different journeys and experiences and can be limited in some ways by this. We can only broaden our perspectives by listening to others. We all need each other in this way.

I must admit, as a small business owner myself, I had some personal curiosity to get inside Rachel's head and learn about her philosophy and what drives her. The mental game is huge for me - in running a small business. It's an area I'm continuing to learn and grow. So much comes down to mindset, attitude, and work ethic. One relationship or project can change everything.

Even this documentary project, Free Range Films, was born in-part out of the pandemic. Paid client work had slowed down to almost a halt. I needed projects to keep me positive and creative. Like Rachel - my career is more than a job. Filmmaking is what I love and what I'm passionate about. If I'm not continuing to grow - things can become negative throughout the rest of my life.

One perspective that I picked up from a previous doc project was "I don't have problems. They're opportunities." This is something I've since tried to build into the thought process of my everyday life. So for me the slowdown was an opportunity to pursue projects that I wouldn't have the time to if I was busy with paid work. Of course there are limitations and nuances to these perspectives. Some people have more serious problems that are not easily addressed through a mindset shift. However, I find the thought exercise helpful in my day-to-day.

I think we all need each other to learn and grow in life. I think passion feeds passion. I love being around passionate people. It makes me a better version of myself. And this is coming from a big-time introvert.


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